BBC Antiques Road Trip

Written by Geoff Hinder

  BBC Antiques Road Trip.

The National Badminton Museum appeared on the BBC Antiques Road Trip program. The antiques expert who came with the film crew was James Braxton. James happened to mention to the television producer of the programme that he played badminton as a youngster. The producer therefore arranged for James to play against some of the England players training at the National Badminton Centre. During the game the BBC used a drone camera for filming above and also on the court. They then filmed some of the shuttlecocks and rackets belonging to the Museum. The programme was shown on BBC1 during September.

L. to R. England international players Max Flynn, Greg Mairs and Tom Wolfenden with James Braxton. They are looking up at the drone camera that was flying in the National Badminton Centre.

 Photo: – Geoff Hinder.

Geoff Hinder, Secretary and Trustee of the National Badminton Museum with James Braxton from the BBC during filming at the Museum.

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