Friends of the National Badminton Museum

The Museum receives no guaranteed income.   Some of the display cabinets have been donated, and the purchase of others was assisted by a grant from Milton Keynes Community Foundation.   The Museum is anxious to renew some of the cabinets to museum standards also to expand the collection of memorabilia, books and documents, and to make these items readily accessible to all.   To this end we have established the ‘FRIENDS OF THE NATIONAL BADMINTON MUSEUM’, which will enable badminton enthusiasts and supporters to contribute towards the growth and development of the Museum.

The subscriptions, annual £5.00, ten year £40.00 or Life £125.00 will entitle the member to an escorted tour of the Museum (by appointment), assistance with any queries about the history of badminton, and an annual newsletter.   Friends of the Museum are invited to view the exhibits displayed in the National Badminton Museum at any time unescorted when the National Badminton Centre is open. Opening hours are normally 9.00 am to 8 pm every day – the Museum Office is open by appointment only.

Gift Aid – if you pay income tax in the United Kingdom (including tax deducted on any wages or salaries under PAYE rules) or capital gains tax, equal to the amount the charity is claiming in the tax year in which the donation is made, currently we may claim 25% of that donation from the Inland Revenue.  

You are invited to download the NBM ‘Friends’ form. Please sign the Gift Aid and Data Permissions part of the ‘Friends’ form (To help reduce our costs it is hoped that Friends would be contacted by e-mail) please then return the form with fees to the Museum.

Download the Friends Application Form

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